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Curtis Salgado & the Stilettos

Curtis Salgado & the Stilettos
BFE/JRS Records #35851-2

Out of Print
  1. More Love Less Attitude
  2. You Love Me And I Don’t Blame You
  3. Star Bright, Star Light
  4. I Musta Been Nuts
  5. A World Gone By Me
  6. Boppin That Lovin’ Stuff
  7. I Shouted Your Name
  8. Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday
  9. Bottle Of Dreams
  10. Depending On Your Love
  11. Too Loose
  12. Blues Get Off My Shoulder
Lead Vocals: Curtis Salgado
Background Vocals: Curtis Salgado, Marlon McClain, Kirk Green,
Parnell Hopkins
Harmonica: Curtis Salgado
Bass: John Mazzocco
Keyboards: Joe Heinemann
Guitars: Jay Koder
Drums: Jeff Minnieweather

Produced by: Marlon McClain for Mac-Man Music
Engineered by: Ron George, Dennis Carter, Marlon McClain & Billy Triplet
Recorded at: Falcon Studios, Portland OR
Mixed at: Spectrum Studios, Portland OR

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