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Hit It 'n Quit It

Hit It 'n Quit It
Lucky Records #LRS-040

  1. If It Ain’t Me
  2. Drop Down Mama
  3. Voodoo Music
  4. Bitter Tears
  5. Hit It ‘N Quit It
  6. Still A Fool
  7. My Kind Of Woman
  8. Too Young To Know
  9. You’re So Fine
  10. El Gado Rumba Azul
  11. Feeling Good
Lead Vocals: Curtis Salgado
Harmonica: Curtis Salgado
Guitars: Terry Robb
Bass: John Mazzocco
Keyboards: Peter Boe, Dave Stewart
Drums: Butch Cousins, Jeff Minnieweather
Horns: Tim Bryson

Produced by: Curtis Salgado & Terry Robb
Engineered by: Bill Triplet
Recorded at: Falcon Studios, Portland OR
Mastered at: Falcon Studios, Portland OR

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