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Wiggle Outta This

Wiggle Outta This
Shanachie Entertainment Corp #9014

  1. That’s All A Part Of Lovin’ You
  2. Wiggle Outta This
  3. I Want Everyone To Know
  4. I Feel So Good
  5. Why Don’t I Care
  6. Sorry Don’t Mean Nuthin’
  7. Sing My Song
  8. Cookie Dough
  9. Beneath The Silver Moon
  10. Sweet Jesus Buddha The Doctor
Lead Vocals: Curtis Salgado
Background Vocals: Curtis Salgado, Sean Holmes, Ericka Warren, Mary Linn, Margaret Linn, Marlon McClain, Peter Boe
Harmonica: Curtis Salgado
Bass: Victor Little, Nathaniel Phillips
Keyboards: Peter Boe
Guitars: John Wedemeyer, Duke Robillard, Terry Robb, Marlon McClain
Drums: Reinhardt Melz, Mark Lomax
Organ: Louis Payne, Christopher Turner

Produced by: Marlon McClain for Mac-Man Music
Co-produced by: Curtis Salgado and Sandy Solomon
Engineered by: Sandy Solomon
Recorded at: Falcon Studios,Portland OR, KSM Studios, Calabasas CA, Rowell Audio Productions, Portland OR
Mixed by: Sandy Solomon at KSM Studios
Mastered at: Capitol Records by Robert Vosgien

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